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  • 10 HOURS

A new vehicle rarely leaves the showroom with the perfect paintwork finish or adequate protection. In fact, a brand new car is not always as ‘new’ as one would think; the vehicle is usually subject to various contaminants in the air during transportation and long storage times. After which, once the vehicle has arrived at the dealership, it is commonly subject to a quick wash with a dirty sponge and chamois which will in turn inflict more damage to the paintwork. This is not the perfect start one would hope for their new pride and joy.


EDP’s New Vehicle Detail involves thoroughly cleansing and decontaminating the paintwork prior to a single stage paintwork correction and finally the application of a Sol-Gel Nano coating for protection. The end result is a well-protected finish that’s better than brand-new along with the perfect foundations for ease of future maintenance.



  • Elite multi-stage safe wash.
  • Hand dried using the Elite safe-dry process.
  • Glass and paintwork decontamination process (removes in-bedded contaminants and impurities/pollution).
  • Wheel arch liners protected.
  • Tyres conditioned and protected with special tyre preserve.
  • All interior windows, rear view mirror and vanity mirrors cleansed with smear free finish.
  • Exterior vinyl and rubber trim treated with vitamin rich conditioner.
  • All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Paintwork correction - minor 1 Stage.
  • Sol-Gel Nano protection paint sealant OR high grade Carnauba/ Polymer blend wax.


Optional Items

Premium pure yellow Grade One Carnauba ‘Concours’ wax. + $500

State-of-the-art Organic-Silica Quartz coating. + $1,000