• $16,000 UP
  • 35 HOURS

EDP has developed A Touch of Perfection for distinguished car enthusiasts and collectors, covering virtually all aspects of detailing required on a motor vehicle.


The exterior surfaces are comprehensively treated to the processes outlined in the Royale Detail with a further 3rd stage paintwork correction added to bring out the best of the paintwork. In addition to this, all external plastics are coated with a special UV crystalline coating, which will restore their natural shine and keep them well protected. All the windows are also sealed with a high durability rain repellent. The vehicle’s door shuts will also be paint corrected and sealed. The wheels will be coated with a highly durable wheel sealant which will help repel brake dust and ensure quick and easy future cleaning.


The final stage will include the interior to be fully detailed. The seats, carpets and mats will be deep cleaned using specialist medical grade equipment, which will disinfect and kill harmful bacteria. All internal leather, glass, plastics and other surfaces will be cleaned and conditioned.

The end result? A touch of perfection.



  • Elite multi-stage safe wash.
  • Hand dried using the Elite safe-dry process.
  • Glass and paintwork decontamination process (removes in-bedded contaminants and impurities/pollution).
  • Wheel arch liners protected.
  • Wheels coated and sealed.
  • Tyres conditioned and protected with special tyre preserve.
  • All interior windows, rear view mirror and vanity mirrors cleansed with smear free finish.
  • Exterior windows sealed with high durability rain repellent.
  • Exterior vinyl, rubber, plastic trim treated with UV crystalline coating.
  • Interior deep cleanse with steam cleaning using medical grade equipment and shampoo extraction of carpets / mats. All internal leather, glass, plastics and other surfaces will be cleaned and conditioned.
  • All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Engine bay cleaned and protected with a special sealant.
  • Paintwork correction - extensive 3 Stage.
  • State-of-the-art Organic-Silica Quartz coating OR premium pure yellow Grade One Carnauba ‘Concours’ wax.


Optional Items

Premium pure yellow Grade One Carnauba ‘Concours’ wax. + $500

State-of-the-art Organic-Silica Quartz coating. + $1,000