• $8,000 UP
  • 15 HOURS

EDP’s Rejuvenation Detail will greatly enhance the overall look and feel of your motor vehicle and is our entry-level treatment.


After an initial 31 step wash process the paintwork is subject to a thorough decontamination including claying which will extract the imbedded contaminates not otherwise removed from normal washing. Once the decontamination process has been completed, the vehicle is then put through a minor two-stage paintwork correction process. This will remove approximately 80-85% of the swirl marks and light scratches thereby restoring depth and gloss to the paintwork. Following on from the paintwork correction stages, the vehicle will be given another wash and then the paintwork will either be sealed with a durable Sol-Gel Nano protective coating or a high grade carnauba/polymer blend wax.


All surfaces of the interior will be thoroughly wiped and cleaned, carpets vacuumed and all leather surfaces conditioned.



  • Elite multi-stage safe wash.
  • Hand dried using the Elite safe-dry process.
  • Glass and paintwork decontamination process (removes in-bedded contaminants and impurities/pollution).
  • Wheel arch liners protected.
  • Tyres conditioned and protected with special tyre preserve.
  • All interior windows, rear view mirror and vanity mirrors cleansed with smear free finish.
  • Exterior vinyl and rubber trim treated with vitamin rich conditioner.
  • All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Engine bay cleaned and protected with a special sealant.
  • Paintwork correction - minor 2 Stage.
  • Sol-Gel Nano protection paint sealant OR high grade Carnauba/ Polymer blend wax.


Optional Items

Interior Deep Cleanse – Steam cleaning using medical grade equipment and shampoo extraction of carpets / mats. All internal leather, glass, plastics and other surfaces will be cleaned and conditioned. + $2,500

Premium pure yellow Grade One Carnauba ‘Concours’ wax. + $500

State-of-the-art Organic-Silica Quartz coating. + $1,000